George Corser, PhD

This webpage is a template for your webpage that you will submit to Assignments (Prog00, Prog01, ...) on Canvas. The filename should be: index.html

Prog00 - Template - Hosting, Linking and File Management

Usually Assignments will require you to create multiple web pages. The list below can be used as a template for the Assignment, Prog00.

  1. Topic: How I lost 55 pounds in 5 months and kept it off for over a year (so far).
  2. GitHub Pages:
  3. CodePen:
  4. M-Drive: Access using
  5. CSIS Server: Access using NotePad++, Putty, WinSCP.
  6. 000webhost: In my case, I use cis355 because I use the same hosting system for the course, cis355. Access using, NotePad++, WinSCP. Free version does not have SSH so I can't use putty.

Prog01 - Template - Semantic HTML

  1. WordPress Topics Page
  2. CodePen
  3. Prog01 Links
  4. My opinion regarding which hosting platform is best.